Reiki & Certification Workshops

What is Reiki?
Reiki is amazing, powerful and yet, simple.
It is a therapy often described as Palm-Healing or Hands-On-Body Healing in which the practitioner places hands lightly on or hovers above a patient’s body to facilitate the patient’s process of healing through energy.
The results vary per person. For some, it can be a very calming or emotional experience. For others, the warmth provided eases aches and pains within the muscles.

Classes are held in person at the Center – each class is limited to eight people. This is to ensure that everyone can get the personalized attention that they deserve throughout this learning process.
There are three stages or levels of practitioners – 1, 2, & 3, Master.
Level 1 is very personal. It’s all about self discovery and starting one’s own healing path.
Level 2 covers the use of symbols within the practice, their strength and Distance Reiki.
Level 3 may be awarded to those who have completed their 1000 hours of clinical practice as well as Level 1 & 2 – The Master symbol is given, attunements are given and taught as well as the insight to being a now, teacher.

Level 1- $200 donation
Level 2 – $300 donation
Level 3/Master – $600 donation

All classes come with everything that is needed –

– writing utensil
– note taking paper
– class handouts
– take home textbook
– water bottle
– attunements
– continued support

Personal One-on-one classes and certifications with Mandy are available by appointment only for an additional fee.

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