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We just want to make sure that all of the information is out there so we’ve conjured up this little list to better help inform our amazing clientele.

– Due to the nature of our items and services, exchanges and returns are not accepted.
– Gift Cards are non-transferable in regards to the person using the card as well as the subject matter.
– Gift Cards expire one year after the date of purchase.
– If a bodywork client, “no call, no shows,” they are terminated from being a bodywork client.
– Mandy’s Magick is a politics free zone – in trying to keep this a safe and pleasant space for all, if someone is heard speaking politically, they will be asked to leave.
– Discounts are not given. – There are no Holds.
– Information in “house-books” are to be used for self-practice and not to be used for monetary gain.
– Please be mindful that if one breaks an item, it is the responsibility of that person to purchase said item.
– Due to the location of the rest-room within the building, it is for employees only.

We truly appreciate your understanding and wiliness to help maintain such a wonderful and Magickal space for everyone!


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