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In an effort to always encourage growth and love within our community, Mandy’s Magick is always cooking up something something new… ❤

We always do – Voter Registration. If you come in to register to vote on your 18th Birthday, we’ll even give you a 5$ gift card because we believe in this simple way of standing up for what we each believe in. ❤

For the month of August, we do a Summer Reading Program.
We understand that it’s been a rough summer. So, let’s get those kiddos reading, shall we? As each week is checked off on the SRP chart, we stamp the card and the children participating can choose a prize out of our Basket of Goodies. – THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED – IT WAS SO MUCH FUN TO HEAR ABOUT WHAT EVERYONE WAS READING!

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – when we see teal colored ribbons and bows everywhere during this time, it is to raise awareness. This is called “Turn the Towns Teal” If you would like a bow or ribbon to aid in the cause, we have them and all they cost is a smile! ❤

We have a clothing rack with all sorts of goodies on it. When it is nice outside, the rack will be out-front of the Center. When it is cold or windy, the rack will remain just inside the door as to have easy access. This rack is filled with clothing, hats, scarves and jewelry. There is a sign on each side of the rack that reads, “Take what you need. No questions asked.” Please, just take what you need ❤

Please keep notice of the Events page – we do our best to keep it updated.

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