Calendar of Events:

Sunday Morning Yoga – EVERY Sunday at 11:30 unless specially stated.
These are all level classes – everyone is welcome and we love to see children getting involved. Each class is fun and unique. Nicole is an amazing teacher and we are so very lucky to have her. Classes are a $10 donation. No pre-registration is required, we understand that life happens.
We have some yoga mats that can be borrowed. We also sell mats in the retail portion of the Center (as well as yoga mat spray, books, straps, blocks and wheels) and welcome you to bring your own. Don’t forget your water bottle!

Every Thursday evening at 6pm – Dharma Recovery Meeting (open)
Recovery Dharma is a community of peers that encourages Buddhist-based recovery to addiction. This type of Buddhist addiction recovery brings together those suffering from substance use disorders. The unity and bond shared between members helps them become free from the suffering that addiction has caused.

Friday, November 11th — CLOSED FOR FAMILY-TIME. Have a happy and safe day

Thursday, November 24th — CLOSED FOR FAMILY-TIME. Have a happy and safe holiday!
Friday, November 25th — CLOSED FOR FAMILY-TIME. Have a happy and safe day!

Saturday, November 26th — Small Business Saturday!

Come in for free Vegan Cupcakes, peruse our Free Table and search high and not so low for our annual “Finder’s Keeper’s” Gift Cards!

Sunday, November 27th — Card Readings by Carla –> 11am-5pm
Ever want to get your cards read? Were you waiting for a safe, kind and non-judgmental place to do so?
I have known Carla personally for over ten years. She is a local reader and started harnessing the power of cards in 1998. She uses a combination of tarot and oracle cards for her readings and tries her best to give clients an illustration of a path as opposed to just cold predictions.
$35 for 20 minutes/Same day sign-ups (A sign-up sheet with allotted time slots is kept on the coffee table in the sitting area)

Saturday, December 3th – Winterfest!
Come join in the fun and watch us in the Parade! We’ll be giving out candy and new seasonal stickers!
We’ll be opening at Noon this day! Come in for Crafts and Snacks!

Sunday, December 4th — 11am-5pm
Goddess Interpretation Readings by Ann.

Ann’s self-written Bio:
Ann Jones has been reading tarot for over 20 years, specializing in nontraditional decks, making a point only to use decks that come from the creators or that were gifted to her.  She currently reads from two decks, one speaks with Goddesses to give gentle guidance. The second is a magpie deck of over 200 cards from 200 different decks, that channels the spirits of the road to tell what needs to be heard, not what wants to be heard. She is careful to explain the transmitted communications. If you’re looking for something that isn’t your typical reading or needs some gentle guidance – some high-vibe feminine energy, this reading you have been looking for. 

Formerly of Morrisville, Ann has over 20 years of experience, learning from readers in different parts of the US, England, and Canada. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology/Archaeology, she is versed in many types of cultural fortune-telling and religion and will gladly fall down a rabbit hole of knowledge. Currently, she is learning about Viking Runes and their historical context. 
$25 for 15 minutes for a Goddess Reading $35 for 20 minutes for a MagPie Reading
Same day sign-ups.

Saturday, December 10th –2-4pm
Meditative Painting with the Amazing Rus!

Meditative Painting has been with us since the dawn of time. Using mindful meditation to go within yourself and to make a connection with the paints and brushes onto your paper has a wonderful healing influence on us. I have worn many hats during my life on this planet we all share together. But the two hats that I feel the most connected to , is the hat as an Artist and the hat as Nurse. In addition, the Empath in me also gives me the divine privilege to connect with others and use the gifts of helping others learn the skills of both Meditation and Art to open the channels within ourselves to relax, create, and to facilitate positive energy. We all are Creatives in one way or another and have the ability to meditate. But when the two meet wonderful things on your paper can happen, even magic! Rus’s passion for Art began in the early 70s when he was attending College to obtain his degree in Fine Arts and Art History. In 1996 Rus graduated from Nursing School and began to using Art Therapy to assist others with the healing process. Rus currently works part time in the field of Psychiatry but his love of art and all things creative is shown through his many paintings he currently has listed online.
$30 donation- includes everything needed to participate along side art that you created and get to take home

Saturday, December 10th — 5-8pm
Photos with Krampus

Come take your own photos with our One of A Kind Krampus!
This is an open cash donation event!
We’ll have crafts and snacks 🖤
This is night ONE of TWO

Saturday, December 17th — 5-8pm
Come take your own photos with our One of A Kind Krampus!
This is an open cash donation event!
We’ll have crafts and snacks 🖤
This is night TWO of TWO

Saturday, December 24th — Closing at 3pm

Sunday, December 25th — CLOSED FOR FAMILY-TIME!

Monday, December 26th – CLOSED FOR FAMILY-TIME!

Saturday, December 31st — Closing at 3pm – HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE HOLIDAY!


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